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Episode 152 – How many Ducks would a Nazon Duck if a Nazon could Duck Wood?

Welcome to the Nii Lamptey Show, the only weekly podcast exclusively dedicated to the Haitian sensation – Duckens Nazon.

Amongst all of the Nazon Gazing, Neil takes the time to talk about our comprehensive victory over Notts County and Paul leads the way on a mixed performance against a superior Blackburn side.

Finally Joey dialled up Dominic who walks us through what we should expect against Grimsby (the clue’s in the name).

It’s like we’ve never been away…

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3 thoughts on “Episode 152 – How many Ducks would a Nazon Duck if a Nazon could Duck Wood?”

  1. Mike Jones ( father of Rob)

    Enjoyed as usual thank you guys.Just one point , I think Joey and Paul live in Manchester area? Having spent a gruelling 6 hours each way on M6 for a wedding in Lake Distrct last weekend I just don’t know how you can stand travelling on what must be the worst motorway in Europe.I’ve vowed never to use it again ever ! So respective to you guys !

  2. Another great informative pod guys – much thanks.
    A bunch of ‘ifs’ – ‘if’ (bar new wonder keeper O’Brien) we look shaky at the back and ‘if’ in consequence Robins is packing the midfield and forward line in a ‘Keagan-esque’ strategy [we’ll score more goals than you!] and ‘if’ the Duck is central to that strategy as both goal assister and scorer then what happens ‘if’ the Duck returns to Wolverhampton Wanderers in January?
    I know 2 games in is too early to talk about the importance of 1 player but I predict that if we lose the Duck in January then we ain’t going to be getting out of League 2 this season.
    40 years of pain (bar ’87 and the early Strachan years) tells me that I’m right – can you tell me I’m wrong? Please?!?
    Best regards,

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