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Episode 151 – The Force Awakens!

The 2017/18 season is upon us. ¬†Scientists said that dinosaurs should have eaten us all by now but we’ve laughed in the face of adversity to bring you a podcast where only special guest Dominic Jerams (@sidesammy on Twitter) brings any actual insight and no one is devoured by a velociraptor (always the GOD DAMN VELOCIRAPTORS).

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Go and get FourFourTwo, World Soccer and When Saturday Comes to read insights by Laurie ‘The Lonely Season’ Kilpatrick, Neil ‘SkyBluesBlog’ Allison and Tom ‘Furnival’ Adams (respectively) who give their views on the upcoming season for the Sky Covs.

But if you can’t read* just listen to us do talk about it.

*Hang on, how are you reading this then?


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