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Episode 150 – 2016/17 Season Review

Here it is.  The bittersweet big one.

Don’t forget that Dominic Jerams (Sideways Sammy) has done a print 16/17 season review that you can find on his website.

Have a great summer everyone!

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8 thoughts on “Episode 150 – 2016/17 Season Review”

  1. Love you guys – always the biggest “wet myself moment” of the week – have a good couple of months and then rev up in July for the big promotion season!

    1. Thanks for listening this year, Dave! Love your optimism… we’ll be back next season ready to give League Two life a bloody good hiding.

    1. Thanks Linda! We would say it’s been a pleasure, but you’d know we were lying.

      Seriously though, thanks for listening. Very much appreciated!

  2. Best moment of the week for me, too. The misery begins on Saturday, but your pod helps me psychologically to prepare for the following weekend.

  3. Is a pre-season podcast in the offing lads? Would enjoy hearing your mid-July thoughts once you’ve finished burning in the sun

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