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Episode 149 – Our Lowest Ebb

Relegation is confirmed as Coventry bow out of League One with a whimper.

The boys talk Charlton and ticket prices and look down to another miserable season, this time in a League we’ve not seen in over 60 years.  What a farce.

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3 thoughts on “Episode 149 – Our Lowest Ebb”

  1. Always commendable. The worse the season gets the more important it is to share the pain. Howling at the moon indeed.

  2. Thought you guys might like to know I live way up north near Alnwick ( north of newcastle). I just bought a little house in a terrace of 5 in a pretty isolated spot. I move in to find my next door neighbour is not only a Cov fan but a season ticket holder! You couldn’t make it up

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