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Episode 153 – The Duck and New Tony

This week Laurie Kilpatrick (who you may know from previous pods or his blog, The Lonely Season) joins the Lamptey Boiz to talk all things Grimsby, from swimming in the sea to ruefully abusing lovely Russell Slade.

Dominic Jerams (Sideways Sammy) joins us again to preview the Newport County game and we also spend some time mulling over the question, when is an assist really an assist?

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1 thought on “Episode 153 – The Duck and New Tony”

  1. Lampteys – 2 games in, 2 games won! I do worry about Dion Kelly-Evans and Ben Stevenson – two bright young talents who we should be using. But I feel that Robins has built his squad for this season in the expectation of losing both of them before the transfer window closes. They may both have to go for the benefit of their own careers and the greater good of the CCFC squad
    We appear to have a squad that can tough it through in League 2 – guts and low-level thuggery from the back four and central midfield and some pace and invention at the business end of the pitch in the form of Jones and le Duck. Add in Ponticelli for Beavon or McNulty (both too slow by far) and it will be goals on a stick for the Sky Blues!
    We’re going to score loads of goals and we’re not going to concede many.
    We are going to storm this league – I feel it in my Sky Blue bones!

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