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Episode 40 – The Nii Lamptey Show

This week: The Niis are delighted to have the resurgent Trampbeater on the show to share his feelings about a wonderfully rampant victory over Carlisle. For the purposes of the tape, we will be calling him Shaun. There’s loads of talk about these brilliant kids of ours, a little bit about Andy Thorn’s search for a job, and a short period of obligatory swooning over Mr Pressley.

Contains a potentially ruinous use of statistics.

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6 thoughts on “Episode 40 – The Nii Lamptey Show”

  1. “In my head, I already think he’s Drogba”… was my favourite quote this week, followed closely by “is it Phil Babb”.

    As I’m based in Beijing I have friends who saw ‘Manny’ play when he was in the CSL with Shanghai Shenhua. To be honest he was a bit of a disappointment over here, but he did train with Anelka everyday so it cant have had a negative impact on him can it.

    I also met Kevin Davies last summer at the Belfry, he was with Robbie Blake. I tried to convince him that when he left Bolton, Coventry would be a decent side to come and join, though he didn’t seem overly interested at the prospect of having to contact Andy Thorn. I saw him again later that evening, he was absolutely plastered, he ended up doing “the worm” on the floor in the reception foyer.

    As for the stats, you can never have to many! Enjoyable podcast as always!

  2. Tom! We didn’t get round to discussing your comments this week – what a bunch we are, eh. Such relevant anecdotes to Manset, Davies and Andy Thorn mean you’re a cert for inclusion next week though. Even if it is just to massage Joey’s ego for coming up with that Drogba line.. I did have to double-take that “worm” comment though, thought you were talking about Palace legend Thorny for a second. That would’ve been monumental.

    Cheers for listening pal, glad you’re enjoying it!

    1. Andy Thorn, doing the worm? Book that as half time entertainment at Sixfields, hes currently seeking employment and we might see a few more in attendance!

  3. Speaking about the JPT, say we reach the same point as lasts season (regional final) and SISU say you have to buy tickets for the “home” fixtures to get a ticket to the final, how many people would buy tickets? I live in Poznan so i’m ruled out of this tricky decision.

  4. If they pulled that one out of the bag, they’d be absolutely crucified. Even more so. Blackmailing the fans into coming back? Very naughty.

    Saying that, it’d only be 8000 or so in either case, given the miniature nature of Sixfields. Still loads of Wembley tickets to go around.

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