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Episode 214 – The Stadium of Bright

Ha’way man. 5-4. What a game it was. Let’s get right into it.

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1 thought on “Episode 214 – The Stadium of Bright”

  1. Hi Nii’s,
    Robbie here – as ever thanks for the lovely pod, always a highlight in my week…
    On CC’s lovely goal – THAT’S what we signed him to do, ball at feet in the box – make some space & smash ball into net…
    On the Sunderland ‘thing’. Early this century I spent 3 really good years working in Suffolk. My boss was born in the same year as me and at the same maternity hospital in Rugby. We got on great professionally & socially but he was a Sunderland fan… he despised Cov on the basis of ‘that’ match which neither of us was old enough to remember. For the ‘Roker Roar’/ ‘Black Cats’ it’s a folk memory thing – never to be forgiven or forgotten.
    Forgive me as I’m going to ramble on a bit more…
    In the late 80’s I was a student in Newcastle. One wet weekend a couple of my footie mates came up & we went to watch the mighty Sky Blues at Roker Park, we took one of my Uni mates with us.
    The game was a dire 0-0 in pouring rain notable only for big Cyrille falling on his arse with the ball at his feet in the box as he slipped in the mud….
    The point – when the 4 of us left Roker Park we got totally lost in the back streets…its pissing down rain, 3 of us are in Sky Blue colours that can’t really be hidden & we need to ask our way back to, of all places, Newcasrle! The rain has cleared the streets – there’s no nice granny & gramps Mackems to ask directions from. In desperation we approach 4 lads in red & white scarves – they are sweetness & light. We are directed to the nearest Metro station and told which platform to stand on. One of our saviours says ‘You’s has come a long way to watch that shite – hope you’s night is better than wor afternoon.’ Yes it was…
    Guess we struck lucky – but that’s how it should be. Footie fans in solidarity… perhaps it helped that we’d all got very wet watching a fucking awful game…
    Robbie Leslie

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