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Episode 210 – Bright EnoRedCardy

Bumper pod this week as the guys chat Accrington, Burton, Bright, Burge and the fact that we missed a big opportunity to close the gap over the weekend, and yet still, got away with it. Kind of.


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2 thoughts on “Episode 210 – Bright EnoRedCardy”

  1. Hi Niiis – thanks for the greeting, hope you find my comments of interest. On Hiwula v Thomas…Luke looks a terrific player, he’s got himself into goal-scoring positions & into goal-assist positions whilst tormenting the opposition defence – but he lacks the finesse to put those chances to bed. Jordy might be an uglier player but in a team that struggles to score he now has eight goals…could be that winning ugly could just get us into the play-offs…

    1. Always do, Robbie! Need to get more people over here joining in the chitchat.

      You’re absolutely right about Jordy. He’s even admitted it himself he’s often not in the game, but yesterday he just thought “sod it” and backed himself. And what an end result. Perhaps that sort of goal will be the trigger he needs to realise just want he’s capable of at this level.

      Roll on the next two months. I’m excited now…


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