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Episode 209 – Satisfactory Sunday

The Niis chitchat about a solid draw on the tele against top of the league. 

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1 thought on “Episode 209 – Satisfactory Sunday”

  1. Just loved our goal v Luton – for once we did everything right as opposed to everything wrong! Hiwula gets to the bye-line behind the defence; .
    He could do a step inside and shoot with his right foot across the keeper – WRONG; he could step inside and square the ball across goal with his right foot – WRONG as there’s no Sky Blue shirt close to the six yard box. Instead he pulls the ball back with his left foot to the oncoming Jordan Shipley – RIGHT! And Jordan does the RIGHT thing where many of our strikers have failed by slamming the ball into the back of the net. More RIGHT decisions in the attacking half would see us Sky Blues comfortably in the play- off places by now…

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