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Episode 163 – In Death, his name is Stephen Hughes…

We’re back and ready to rock your world with some updated Cov City chat.

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1 thought on “Episode 163 – In Death, his name is Stephen Hughes…”

  1. Great show as usual. Listened to it Saturday morning just after which an incident brought home, I think it was Paul’s comment, about something bringing it home that we are a small club. In the local Brixham swimming pool I was with my daughter when three boys from her school came in. Chatting with them, all about 9, I discovered that 2 were Liverpool fans and one Man U. The Man U fan asked me who i supported, “Coventry” I replied. Without a hint of irony he then asked “who’s your big club?” As was said in the show, I then realised just how far we have fallen.

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