Episode 162 – Interviewed By Mist

You-know-who returns. Starts with L, ends in ittle Eddie Wilson.

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One Comment on “Episode 162 – Interviewed By Mist

  • Robbie Leslie
    October 26, 2017 at 2:04 am

    Hi Nii’s,
    Great fun to listen to you even if the news is depressing.
    There was a ‘you tube’ thing a couple of seasons ago regarding a lower league German team that hadn’t scored in 8,9,10 (possibly more!) games. Their long-suffering fans stood behind the goal holding up arrow-signs pointed at the goal to give their team some guidance.
    It’s bloody hilarious – who says the Germans have no sense of humour?
    This tactic is impossible for us as there’s no-one behind the goal at the Ricoh…time to open up the North Stand and get our fans pointing at the goal. Maybe Beavon and McNulty will get the idea…

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