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Episode 43 – The Nii Lamptey Show

This week: Another win, another milestone reached, another reason to believe this team has what it takes. The Niis dig into the detail of the Gillingham victory, say a hopeful hello to Steven Pressley, and discover they’re not the only podcast named after a former Ghanaian starlet.

Contains an attraction towards mellifluous names.

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4 thoughts on “Episode 43 – The Nii Lamptey Show”

  1. Hi lads – another great show, thanks! Think that our new young Scots dynamo defender pronounces his name as Urr-kut. He’ll feel more at home if we get it right!

  2. Enjoyable show as ever.
    Not sure really of the relevance of the following but thought it worth pointing out. With the number of goals going in at both ends at the minute I wondered when was the last 0-0 draw for cov and going by the bbc stats its 63 games. Looking through the league it would seem cov, oldham (55 games) and crewe (47) are the teams to be watching at the moment with Port Vale in fourth place in the ‘games since a nil all draw league’ way back on only 18 games.
    Over a year since the last 0-0, we must be approaching yet another record?
    PS Surely it is a sign of some kind of treatable syndrome that sees me searching for any kind of league table that I can look at with cov at the top or is that just part of being a cov fan?

  3. Thanks for the podcast again chaps. On the pronunciation front, when I was younger I had a friend who’s surname was Urquhart. He pronounced it “Urk-hart” or “Urk-art”.

    2-1 up against Port Vale and I was counting the pennies to buy my cardigan. I particularly enjoyed Clive and Geoff’s commentary of Moussa’s 2nd goal and Im still waiting for the YouTube video to see it. But ending up losing 2-3 was disappointing of course, but I was more disappointed with the way the fans were slightly critical of the team and Pressley’s tactics afterwards on the phone in and texts.

    I think the over riding message was that at 2-1 up they would have brought on Barton to shore things up at the back. I’m by no means a tactical expert, and perhaps Paul will shed some light on this in the next podcast when he does his review, but for me its no secret that the weakest part of our game is the defence and likewise our strongest point is the attack.

    So I cant quite understand the logic behind why we would bring Barton on and try and sit back, soak up pressure, and hang on to a one goal lead. If we do that we are putting the emphasis on the weakest part of our game and inviting more opportunities for Birchall to create chances and more instances of Jordan Clarke being paired up with Ade Akinfenwa.

    I know it didn’t work, but its not going to work every time. Surely the right thing to do was to keep the ball up the other end, let Leon, Callum and Franck loose upfront and if we can grab that goal to give us a cushion, that’s the ticket to winning the game. We’ve proven time and time again we are more likely to score than keep the opposition at bay, so I have no criticism for the defeat at PV, we played to our strengths.

    Had Moussa squared it to Leon at 1-0 and Clarke tapped in for 2-0, then we its a different game with a 2 goal cushion. We’d all be singing the praises, but instead we have people moaning already, its still the same team with the same manager. Get behind them! PUSB.

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