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Episode 217 – The Trillion Trophy Podcast

So, we support a football club that plays at St Andrews. It’s weird, right?

The Niis are back for an eighth season. Joey is joined by Neil and Dom as they chat daft groundshare, beautiful kits, and funky wingers.

Let’s do this.

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1 thought on “Episode 217 – The Trillion Trophy Podcast”

  1. Good to have you back boys.
    Just a note on the pronunciation of Scots surnames.
    MacFadzean is normally pronounced ‘Mac-Fadden’. It could also be pronounced ‘Mac-Fad -Yen’. You’ll have to ask the laddie which he prefers. It is never, never, never pronounced ‘Mac-Fad-Ze-An’!
    Feel sure I’ve made a similar correction in recent seasons. Did we have a Dalziel (‘De-Al’) on our books? I’m minded to think it was a Farqhuarson (‘Farker-Sen’) or a Mac of that ilk.
    Enough of my Scots pedantry.
    Looking forward to listening to your ramblings for the next eight months…

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