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Episode 205 – Can’t score won’t score

Hello pod fans. It’s been a while.

Since the last time we spoke, we’ve dominated more matches but that don’t mean nothing when you ain’t scoring the football goals.

Lampteys give it some woopy around that very topic.

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3 thoughts on “Episode 205 – Can’t score won’t score”

  1. Good pod lads just one thing. No one mentioned Bostik Burge’s rubbish performance against Blackpool.. When is that man going to control his box.? His failure to come off his line has cost us plenty this season. I have lost patience with him and would get rid and get a brave keeper . Cheers Mike

  2. You are a striker and you are in the six yard box with the ball at your mercy – it goes in the back of the net! You’re Jimmy Greaves, Denis Law, Gary Lineker, Alan Shearer or Ian Rush – the keeper doesn’t have a chance of making a save & the defenders have no hope of making a block – GOOAALLL! They couldn’t stop you putting the ball where you wanted it. You put your foot/head through the ball, hit the target and nigh on burst the net…
    I don’t expect our strikers to be of that quality… I do expect them to hit the bloody target with a bit of power more than one time in ten.

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