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Episode 203 – The Lutonisation

Some big talk this week as the Niis attempt to explain why things looked so poor against Luton, as well as hazarding some guesses as to Mark Gordon Robins’ ideal tactical approach.

Contains the tackling of some other tough football topics.

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1 thought on “Episode 203 – The Lutonisation”

  1. On your final thoughts on spectators feeling they can give horrendous abuse to players with impunity (because they are paying customers)… an NB on Eric Cantona’s two-footed over the hoardings take-out of an abusive Palace supporter. Well done Eric. He got in big trouble for it but it made people think. That person would never have given Cantona such abuse in a one-on-one situation, why should he be able to do it from the safety of the stands?
    Turned out he was standing a little too close to the touch line to be safe… I hope it hurt a lot.

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