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Episode 200 – I see no reason why Cov should be beaten

This week the Niis turn 200 episodes old, which is like 48 in dog years. Thanks for being able to hear us.

The super Sky Blues also managed to lose their winning streak this week, but fortunately made sure that they weren’t beaten. This is good football planning.

So all aboard the Lamptey boat for this very special birthday episode.

*Literally nothing special happens.

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1 thought on “Episode 200 – I see no reason why Cov should be beaten”

  1. Hi Niis,
    On the perfect pod – it has to be THAT WOLVES GAME at Highfield Road. Three of my cousins and a couple of my uncles were there – I was yet to be born. I was at every game in the ’87 cup triumph and I continue to bore people about it. But THAT WOLVES GAME…to be at Highfield Road that day…
    Also – Paul Scholes was the finest footballer of his generation for club & country. Head and shoulders above the rest..
    Cheers, Robbie

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