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Episode 198 – Twenty goals. twenty goals

Here at the Lamptey show we love last minute winners. We love them even more when they’re scored by sweet, smiley people like Amadou Bakayoko, in football games that we have no business winning.

That’s what happened this week at Charlton and that’s what we talk about in the show.

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1 thought on “Episode 198 – Twenty goals. twenty goals”

  1. Hi Niis – great show, as ever you are my go-to for all things Cov.
    On Conor Chaplin – strikes me that C.C. is where George Thomas was a couple of seasons ago. He does everything right – creates spaces, gets into spaces, traps & controls the ball well, uses the ball intelligently with lay-offs and one-twos. He consistently puts himself into a position from which, given the pattern of an attacking move, he can score.
    Just let him put the ball in the net once or twice and the goals will flow just as they eventually did for G.T.

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