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Episode 173 – Go to Bed!

Paul’s parenting is put under the microscope (microphone) as the Niis also consider life in a post-Stevenson world.

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5 thoughts on “Episode 173 – Go to Bed!”

  1. Realistic as usual,. I was distraught after FGR feeling slightly better now. Just one thing. Joey said no -one listens to the people who phone up CWR. I thinks that’s unfair. There are often balanced comments from knowledgeable fans.

    1. Thanks Mike, to be honest I was really angry too. Fortunately the broader context of our current form helped to alleviate that dreadful performance.

      In Joey’s defence, the majority of post-match callers to CWR are really daft. There are *some* sensible callers, though.

  2. Ha ha, yes, me too (Mike Jones). I was feeling forlorn after a (glitchy) ifollow experience of FGR. Properly ticked off.

    I need the Nii Lampteys as group therapy – more often than might be desirable, actually. I felt that Paul and Neil got it spot on this week in their analysis of the FGR game and current situation. Plus Neil stopped the Kelly-Doyle bugbear from twitching about in my head – I’d already forgotten MK Dons…

      1. This is a travesty! Although if you read the small print on the label, I think it only works for home performances.

        Bring on Accrington!

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