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Episode 166 – Sky Blue Book Club pt. 2 (w/Steve Phelps)

Cov fan, author, and all round top fella Steve Phelps joined us this week to complete a Sky Blue book double feature.

In his second Pod appearance Steve regaled us with the magic of Peter Bodak and what it took to tell a tale that, whilst less well known than the ’87 cup win, is still an incredible story of a remarkably talented young Cov team.

Steve and last week’s guest Jim Brown will be at Waterstones in Coventry on Wednesday December 13th to sign copies of their respective books with ex-Cov players in tow.  If you’re in the local area you’d be a fool to miss out.

If you’re not in the local area, get yourself a copy of Steve’s book 29 Minutes from Wembley and Jim’s book Play Up Sky Blues: Coventry City’s Rise to the Top

And whether you are in the local area or not, get yourself a rootin’ tootin’ Nii Lamptey Show tshirt.  Remember, any small amount earned from these tshirts just goes towards the cost of hosting this podcast and is super appreciated.

Fare thee well and see you at the Ricoh for the Cheltenham game.

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1 thought on “Episode 166 – Sky Blue Book Club pt. 2 (w/Steve Phelps)”

  1. Great show. We’ll done to you guys. It is timely to be reminded of better days. I wonder if today’s youngsters will feel any nostalgia for Robins’ second coming and away trips to Morecambe. I’m betting despite logical arguments to the contrary they will. The Jodi Jones years! We’ll done to Legends

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