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Episode 103 – The Nii Lamptey Show

Another week and another excellent victory for the Niis to pick the bones out of. It would be humdrum if it wasn’t so bloody exciting.

We ruminate on the curious guilt of Romain Vincelot, a couple of misunderstood goals and Paul unveils his hardest Only Covvect question EVER.

Warning: Contains hubristically fate-baiting predictions for the Scunthorpe game…

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3 thoughts on “Episode 103 – The Nii Lamptey Show”

  1. First goal against Burton was a ‘thing of beauty’ – quick passing, movement and vision put it on a plate for Marcus and he delivered the finish! Another quality goal to sit alongside all the others we’ve scored!
    Second winning goal was a mess – but who the hell cares? Aaron knew as little about it as he did his o.g.! Vincelot shouldn’t have applied the finishing touch – he WAS off-side and he knew it. I think the referee took the view that the ball was going into the net before Vincelot’s intervention and therefore let the goal stand.
    Lucky! Still it’s the ‘messy’ goals that win you tight games – may we have many more of them. Alongside the quality ones of course.
    I’m excited, I’m almost starting to believe!

    1. I’ve obsessed over that replay far too much to be wrong on this Robbie – he was level or behind at the moment the ball hit Martin!… Onside!

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