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Episode 53 – The Nii Lamptey Show

This week: The Niis build up to the Christmas period in ponderous fashion, questioning every aspect of football and making an absolute mockery of answering things in a straightforward manner. All apart from the Crewe review, which is spectacular in its succinctness.

Contains a festive Going for Gould which contains just one festive clue. And yet it’s still BRILLIANT.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 53 – The Nii Lamptey Show”

  1. Fantastic show, as always. A great balance of personalities and much to laugh out loud at.

    About the FA Cup though, I couldn’t disagree more. I want us to win every game and go as far as we can in every cup. I came to my computer screen with trepidation on Tuesday night and shouted in triumph at the Clarke winner. I appreciate we won’t get much further in the competition but can’t turn off from any regular-season City game.

  2. Great to hear mate, appreciate you stopping by to feedback!

    I definitely feel what you’re saying about the FA Cup by the way. Your stance has been mine, any other season. I’m a hard task master as far as winning games go – I expect victory against everyone, Man Utd, Arsenal, Chelsea, the lot. So while I was still keen to win the match, this season for the first time I’ve found myself disproportionately focused on the league.

    I think disgust at the prospect of less than a thousand in attendance also had a part to play in my thought-process! A Tuesday night cup game at Sixfields against Hartlepool sounds like the worst thing in the world. At the Ricoh on the other hand, I’m sure I’d have taken a far greater interest.

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