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Episode 1 – The Nii Lamptey Show

In this brand new podcast for the 2012/13 season, Sky Blues fans Joey Crone, Ed W, Neil Allison (yours truly) and Knowl from GMK, have come together to have a chinwag about the events of the previous campaign, expectations for League One, and the intricacies of Gary Deegan’s psyche.

We’re positioning this rather defiantly as a ‘pilot’ episode, meaning if you hate it you can let us know, but can’t blame anyone but yourself, and we’ll just pretend to be having a bit of a laugh anyway. But if you like the concept, or even the things we discuss (heaven forbid), it’d be good to hear your thoughts.

So do have a listen on the way to work tomorrow morning, or even pop it on instead of Clive and Geoff this Friday night. Treat yourself to the new generation of Sky Blue chit chat.

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