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Nii Lamptey Show

Episode 145 – Paul Solves Football

If we win 38% of the games Jodi Jones starts and 29% of the games Ruben Lameiras starts, start them together and that’s like 66% – that’s better than Fergie at United. Probably. Download MP3

Episode 139 – The Nii Lamptey Show

I really feel like if you’re reading this it’d be weird if you didn’t end up listening to the podcast. Download MP3

Episode 136 – The Nii Lamptey Show

It’s Christmas! And this year the club have served us up a massive bowl of shit. The Lamptey Boyz don bibs and chow down. Bon Appe-fucking-tit Download MP3  

Episode 135 – The Nii Lamptey Show

Venus rhymes with penis. That’ll have to do for a title. That’s the only reason. Not being mean or nothing. Download MP3