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Episode 227 – Shipley throwing shapes

This week the Sky Blues lost and didn’t really do a great job of imposing themselves upon Shrewsbury. Dom was there and brings us the deets.   Download podcast in MP3

Episode 226 – The Ipswich Trilogy

The year is 2024. Coventry are playing Ipswich in the final leg of their four year long one-on-one tournament. The Lampteys are there. Still talking about Baka. Download podcast in MP3

Episode 225 – A Netflick Original podcast

A real good podcast this week. Goal of the season, miss of the season, last minute goals (for and against). Dream content. Joey, Paul, Neil and Dom are your panel. Download podcast in MP3

Episode 224 – Elbow

Hello. This is the Nii Lamptey Show. It’s an honour and a privilege to podcast about this week’s 0-0 draw for you. We hope you enjoy.   Download podcast in MP3