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Episode 164 – I listened to the Nii Lamptey Show and all I got was this lousy t-shirt

Cheap as chips and spun from pure gold, wearing a Nii Lamptey Show t-shirt will make members of your preferred gender of sexual partner drop to their knees and worship at your feet. Not to mention tha …

Episode 163 – In Death, his name is Stephen Hughes…

We’re back and ready to rock your world with some updated Cov City chat. Download podcast in MP3

Episode 162 – Interviewed By Mist

You-know-who returns. Starts with L, ends in ittle Eddie Wilson. Download podcast in MP3

Episode 161 – Forcing the ‘Forcing the Issue’ Issue

Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows. Download podcast in MP3

Episode 160 – The Triumphant Return of Only Covvect!

The match was boring. So the Niis bring back some quiztastic entertainment. Download podcast in MP3

Episode 159 – Deft

Pretty deft this week, mates. Download podcast in MP3

Episode 158 – Kelly Evans²

49 minutes of good spirited football chat and one Big Hero 6 comparison that will blow your balls off. Download podcast in MP3

Episode 157 – Lampteython 2017

The Bloody Lads bring you some sunshine in the form of their analysis of the last two games. Download podcast in MP3

Episode 156 – Crowbar on the Mind

“It’s football fans ain’t it?!” Download podcast in MP3

Episode 155 – Neil just shouting ‘TONE’

Paul has taken a vow of silence this week so Dominic Jerams (@SideSammy) of joins us for the whole episode. Neil is in the hot seat this week to talk about Yeovil and Shrew …

Episode 154 – Must… Resist… Urge… To be… Negative

Normal service is resumed as the Niis get their teeth into the first league defeat of the season and an incredibly frustrating 90 minutes. They try not to judge players too quickly (but do), try not t …

Episode 153 – The Duck and New Tony

This week Laurie Kilpatrick (who you may know from previous pods or his blog, The Lonely Season) joins the Lamptey Boiz to talk all things Grimsby, from swimming in the sea to ruefully abusing lovely …

Episode 152 – How many Ducks would a Nazon Duck if a Nazon could Duck Wood?

Welcome to the Nii Lamptey Show, the only weekly podcast exclusively dedicated to the Haitian sensation – Duckens Nazon. Amongst all of the Nazon Gazing, Neil takes the time to talk about our co …

Episode 151 – The Force Awakens!

The 2017/18 season is upon us.  Scientists said that dinosaurs should have eaten us all by now but we’ve laughed in the face of adversity to bring you a podcast where only special guest Dominic …

Episode 150 – 2016/17 Season Review

Here it is.  The bittersweet big one. Don’t forget that Dominic Jerams (Sideways Sammy) has done a print 16/17 season review that you can find on his website. Have a great summer everyone! Dow …