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Episode 197 – Menage a TWard

Sunderland and Portsmouth reviewed with Paul and Ed and Charlton previewed with Dom.  Now there’s lovely for you isn’t it? Download podcast in MP3

Episode 196 – Wet

This week, Dom and Laurie join JC to talk about the sopping wet lunacy that occurred in Bristol at the weekend. Download podcast in MP3

Episode 195 – Bee Lurge

This week the Niis celebrate back-to-back league wins and the fact that Lee Burge saved some football shots. Also – Paul’s Question makes its debut. Download podcast in MP3

Episode 194 – JCH punching footballs

This week Cov won, Conor Chaplin scored, Shipley fouled loads, and JCH gave a strong performance in the not unfamiliar role of “Mega Bastard”. Pleasing. Download podcast in MP3

Episode 193 – Half a million dollar baby

We haven’t coughed up the money for him just yet, but Conor Chaplin has entered the building with a large wad of cash potentially associated with him. That is noteworthy and the Niis note it as …

Episode 192 – Displeasure Beach

The last week has been bad, then good, then bad but OK, then Blackpool. The Niis work through a bumper week of football and come to some pretty MAJOR conclusions about what the fupp is going on. Publi …

Episode 191 – Footballing Aesthetes and Anabolic Juggernauts

The Sky Blues bored people against Wimbledon. The Niis try to liven that up, as per. Contains a moment of the week that is actually a thought process. Download podcast in MP3

Episode 190 – Paul just calls him “Jordy”

“OK, it’s brilliant that we lost!” Clearly it’s not, but it’s only the first game so the Niis dig into the game fully aware that it’s only the first game. Disclaime …

Episode 189 – Welcome back to League One Lamptey

After a summer of indulgence and World Cup semi-finals, the Niis are back for a seventh season to run the rule over Cov City’s forthcoming League One campaign. What a thrill. Please join us once …

Episode 188 – Lovely Wembley

Well, we did it! Hopefully you’ve not calmed down in the slightest. The Niis are here to celebrate promotion in style with a bumper final pod of the season. It’s a biggy, so get it downloa …

Episode 187 – Friday Night Winner!

🎵 It’s Friday, Friday, gotta win play-off semi-finals on Fridayyy. Everybody’s looking forward to the Bank Holiday weekend.🎵 Well that, ladies and gentleman, was flipping mega. The N …

Not a podcast – ‘Jimmy’s Voice’ – a song for Cov fans

OK, this is not a podcast but it is audio. I got a bit excited by all this play off stuff and wrote a song for Cov fans. Enjoy! Download song in MP3

Episode 186 – First Leg Stamp

City take a 1-1 draw to Meadow Lane and the Niis are now really nervous. They discuss Saturday’s swim meet, levels of “Bastard”, Davies’ foot positioning, and precariously-bala …

Episode 185 – Disgrace of Ricóh: The day the world wept

How bloody dare they?!? Making the play-offs for the first time in their history, with the result they needed? You Sky Blues swines, doing that thing. Contains the effervescent Ed Wilson and delightfu …

Episode 184 – Ain’t Nobody

A thumping 6-1 has put City on the brink of those lovely play-offs. Dom joins the Niis for the full whack this week to talk us through the goals, lax stewarding and inflatables from the weekend’ …