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Episode 180 – WTF

The Niis are joined by Laurie to balance their time equally across the Easter fixtures, but naturally focus the majority of their attention on that bad thing that happened on Monday. Download podcast …

Episode 179 – A run of the mill 4-0 victory

#standard  Neil is off the grid this week so Dom steps up to provide some positivity to balance Paul’s comfortingly curmudgeonly take on a joyful 4-0 win against a desperate Gary McSheffrey …

Episode 178 – Hurricane Gresty

The Niis discuss wind, Jonson’s temper, Bayliss’s brilliance, and everything else that contributed to a gosh darn effective performance against Crewe.   Download podcast in MP3

Episode 177 – Ryan Haynes’ Soccer Skillz

Two very different games generate four useful points, but it could have been more. So there’s a tinge of disappointment. However, Carl Baker is back, we’re back in the play-offs, and Ryan …

Episode 176 – Thou shalt not besmirch Mark Robins

The Niis salute a mighty fine point in the face of adversity, an absolutely mental tackle by Michael Doyle, and the wondrous stride of Tom Bayliss. PS. All is forgiven Michael, you absolute lunatic. D …

Episode 175 – Not Maniacs

The Niis spend time figuring out what went on against Brighton, and even more time figuring out what’s going to happen for the rest of this season. Please note: You are NOT maniacs. Download pod …

Episode 174 – That Train’s Never Late

Like a glove you’ve had for ages that smells awful A duvet that the corpse was found draped inside The comfort food that ruins your intestines Coventry lose three games on the bounce again Downl …

Episode 173 – Go to Bed!

Paul’s parenting is put under the microscope (microphone) as the Niis also consider life in a post-Stevenson world. Download podcast in MP3

Episode 172 – Dom and Neil’s Excellent Adventure

Mainly carvery and Keanu Reeves chat this week. Download podcast in MP3

Episode 170 – RIP Cyrille Regis

We spend most of the podcast paying tribute to the Coventry City legend who sadly passed this week before moving on to the reviewing the Exeter game, previewing the Swindon game and attempting to brea …

Episode 169 – Nice

Slash, Wedgwood… Your boys took one hell of a beating. Download podcast in MP3

Episode 168 – Here’s lots of football

Match alert. Matches have been going on. Download podcast in MP3

Episode 167 – Merry Christmas!

It’s the usual biz for the Lamptey boyz. Talk about a game that’s happened. Talk about the game to come. Whinge a bit. Try and flog tshirts (…since you asked) Download podcast in MP3

Episode 166 – Sky Blue Book Club pt. 2 (w/Steve Phelps)

Cov fan, author, and all round top fella Steve Phelps joined us this week to complete a Sky Blue book double feature. In his second Pod appearance Steve regaled us with the magic of Peter Bodak and wh …