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A special Nii Lamptey Show interview with Tom Bayliss

Yes, that’s right – as a special treat we are delighted to bring you a Nii Lamptey Show exclusive podcast, as young superstar Tom Bayliss joins the boys in the “studio” to remi …

Episode 221 – DabOG

Having played 19 games in a fortnight, it’s been tricky to keep up. So the Niis bin off some of the less interesting games for this podcast and get stuck into that madness from the weekend and y …

Episode 220 – Quicky Gervaine

The unbeaten start continues for this new City side, and because this game was against full-blown adults, things are more positive this week. Joey, Neil and Dom work through the 2-0 victory against Br …

Episode 219 – B0lt0n

This week there is no Neil so this description is telling you that it’s going to be Paul and Joey and Laurie discussing how we were unable to beat a bunch of children. Download podcast in MP3

Episode 218 – Le Zain Train

The season got underway at an unfamiliar home location on Saturday, but despite the difficulties of that situation, City grabbed the win and everyone was basically happy about that. Dom was there and …

Episode 217 – The Trillion Trophy Podcast

So, we support a football club that plays at St Andrews. It’s weird, right? The Niis are back for an eighth season. Joey is joined by Neil and Dom as they chat daft groundshare, beautiful kits, …

Episode 216 – A review of a very regular season

So, we didn’t make the play-offs. Obviously last season was more fun because of that, but on the plus side, we all get a slightly longer summer break this time around. The Niis run through an 8t …

Episode 215 – Play-offs off and on

This week the Niis discuss the Easter matches and Cov’s dwindling play-off challenge (that Neil still thinks is a little bit on). Download podcast in MP3

Episode 214 – The Stadium of Bright

Ha’way man. 5-4. What a game it was. Let’s get right into it. Download podcast in MP3

Episode 213 – The good bad good draw

This is a Coventry City podcast that discusses drawing against Barnsley.   Feel free to enjoy it. Download podcast in MP3

Episode 212 – Short pod (long pod)

This is a really good one. The Niis tackle some really important issues. And the new series of Partridge. Download podcast in MP3

Episode 211 – Big Baka Boy

City go back-to-back and bring the play-offs into the equation. The Niis don’t mention promotion or the Championship. Not once. Download podcast in MP3

Episode 210 – Bright EnoRedCardy

Bumper pod this week as the guys chat Accrington, Burton, Bright, Burge and the fact that we missed a big opportunity to close the gap over the weekend, and yet still, got away with it. Kind of.   …

Episode 209 – Satisfactory Sunday

The Niis chitchat about a solid draw on the tele against top of the league.  Download podcast in MP3

Episode 208 – Sky Blue Sam/Knowl

This week the Niis deliver superb analysis of Amadou Bakayoko sticking it up the Walsall fans. Download podcast in MP3