Episode 198 – Twenty goals. twenty goals

Here at the Lamptey show we love last minute winners. We love them even more when they’re scored by sweet, smiley people like Amadou Bakayoko, in football games that we have no business winning. That’s what happened this week at Charlton and that’s what we talk about in the show. Download podcast in MP3

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Episode 193 – Half a million dollar baby

We haven’t coughed up the money for him just yet, but Conor Chaplin has entered the building with a large wad of cash potentially associated with him. That is noteworthy and the Niis note it as such. But we also lost to Rochdale and that caused some concern and frustration. Sensational football chat once again […]

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Episode 192 – Displeasure Beach

The last week has been bad, then good, then bad but OK, then Blackpool. The Niis work through a bumper week of football and come to some pretty MAJOR conclusions about what the fupp is going on. Public service announcement from Joseph Crone: FYI: there’s a section of this week’s show where Skype went a […]

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