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Episode 165 – Sky Blue Book Club pt. 1 (w/Jim Brown)

The Lamptey Boyz are joined by club statistician and historian Jim Brown to talk about his latest book, ‘Play Up Sky Blues – Coventry’s Rise to the Top’ which charts the club&# …

Episode 164 – I listened to the Nii Lamptey Show and all I got was this lousy t-shirt

Cheap as chips and spun from pure gold, wearing a Nii Lamptey Show t-shirt will make members of your preferred gender of sexual partner drop to their knees and worship at your feet. Not to mention tha …

Episode 163 – In Death, his name is Stephen Hughes…

We’re back and ready to rock your world with some updated Cov City chat. Download podcast in MP3

Episode 162 – Interviewed By Mist

You-know-who returns. Starts with L, ends in ittle Eddie Wilson. Download podcast in MP3

Episode 161 – Forcing the ‘Forcing the Issue’ Issue

Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows. Download podcast in MP3

Episode 160 – The Triumphant Return of Only Covvect!

The match was boring. So the Niis bring back some quiztastic entertainment. Download podcast in MP3

Episode 159 – Deft

Pretty deft this week, mates. Download podcast in MP3

Episode 158 – Kelly Evans²

49 minutes of good spirited football chat and one Big Hero 6 comparison that will blow your balls off. Download podcast in MP3

Episode 157 – Lampteython 2017

The Bloody Lads bring you some sunshine in the form of their analysis of the last two games. Download podcast in MP3

Episode 156 – Crowbar on the Mind

“It’s football fans ain’t it?!” Download podcast in MP3



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