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The Nii Lamptey Show is the biggest and best Coventry City podcast around. Launched at the beginning of the 2012/13 season, it follows the musings of Joey, Paul and Neil, each with their own unique take on the gritty world of being a Sky Blues supporter. It’s a right laugh.

Episode 188 – Lovely Wembley

Well, we did it! Hopefully you’ve not calmed down in the slightest. The Niis are here to celebrate promotion in style with a bumper final pod of the season. It’s a biggy, so get it downloa …

Episode 187 – Friday Night Winner!

🎵 It’s Friday, Friday, gotta win play-off semi-finals on Fridayyy. Everybody’s looking forward to the Bank Holiday weekend.🎵 Well that, ladies and gentleman, was flipping mega. The N …

Not a podcast – ‘Jimmy’s Voice’ – a song for Cov fans

OK, this is not a podcast but it is audio. I got a bit excited by all this play off stuff and wrote a song for Cov fans. Enjoy! Download song in MP3

Episode 186 – First Leg Stamp

City take a 1-1 draw to Meadow Lane and the Niis are now really nervous. They discuss Saturday’s swim meet, levels of “Bastard”, Davies’ foot positioning, and precariously-bala …

Episode 185 – Disgrace of Ricóh: The day the world wept

How bloody dare they?!? Making the play-offs for the first time in their history, with the result they needed? You Sky Blues swines, doing that thing. Contains the effervescent Ed Wilson and delightfu …

Episode 184 – Ain’t Nobody

A thumping 6-1 has put City on the brink of those lovely play-offs. Dom joins the Niis for the full whack this week to talk us through the goals, lax stewarding and inflatables from the weekend’ …

Episode 183 – Being Imped

Two big games. One pleasing win against St Evenage. One swine of a defeat against a tough old Lincoln team. But the play-offs are still within our gift. The Niis dissect a confusing few days in the th …

Episode 182 – Blame it on the bobble

The Niis are joined by Laurie to discuss how Cov managed to beat Crawley. Robins genius, or a total accident? You decide. Either way, the play-offs are looking dangerously close now. Lamptey be cautio …

Episode 181 – Notts very good

The Niis ponder consecutive defeats and whether Robins fiddling and guessing is a good idea at such a crucial stage of the season. Spoiler: It’s not. Download podcast in MP3

Episode 180 – WTF

The Niis are joined by Laurie to balance their time equally across the Easter fixtures, but naturally focus the majority of their attention on that bad thing that happened on Monday. Download podcast …



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